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Give Kids The World ensures that every venue, activity and villa fully accommodates all of our precious guests. From The Park of Dreams pool to The Garden of Hope pathways, everything at our whimsical Village is wheelchair accessible. A former wish mom recalls her family’s wonderful experience here at the Village. “Our stay at GKTW was…
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Thank You, Mears Transportation

August 27, 2014
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“The only word to describe Mears is perfect!” – former wish child, Jayden’s family.  What started out as a simple handshake between Paul Mears, Jr., president of Mears Transportation, and Henri Landwirth, founder of Give Kids The World, has blossomed into an incredible relationship. As a founding partner, Mears Transportation has consistently demonstrated excellent customer…
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A Gift from the Heart

August 25, 2014
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As volunteers, donors, wish families and even employees of GKTW can attest, the Village inspires people in a number of ways.  For one family, inspiration led them to move to Florida from Canada to be closer to GKTW. The story begins with wish child Noah and the Loewen family’s life-changing visit to GKTW in March…
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Magical Moment: Princess Chloe

August 22, 2014
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                        Complete with a beautiful gown, sparkly slippers and a flowery crown, Chloe’s wish of becoming a princess came true at GKTW.  Her regal experience included meeting fellow Village Princesses, dancing in her royal dress and making dozens of magical memories. “I can’t say…
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Twice the Angel

August 20, 2014
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  From acts of selflessness and generosity, to the compassion they show toward every guest, our volunteers offer much more than just their time.  They truly are the heartbeat of Give Kids The World, filling 1,400 volunteer shifts each week at the Village.  One volunteer is more than just a Village “Angel” – his given name is also…
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