An Angel Gives the Gift of Time

In her seven years as an Angel at Give Kids The World, Marilyn Allen has worn many hats around the Village. But her favorite is the Santa hat she dons on Christmas, when she works as one of Santa’s helpers to deliver gifts to children at the Village. What started as a suggestion by a[…..]

Magical Moment: Tis The Season for Generosity

Many families spend Christmas at the Village each year, and thanks to generous gift donations from many individuals and organizations this December, wish children and their siblings will get an extra special holiday. Thank you to everyone who helped make this season a little brighter for our families. If you are interested in contributing to[…..]

Crafting a Snowman

With many kids on holiday break from school, it’s the perfect time of year to do some fun and simple crafts with the whole family. One of our Entertainment Coordinators, Don LaFollette, has shared a step-by-step process of making a crafty and delicious snowman. Step 1: Gather supplies -Pretzel sticks -Large marshmallows -Chocolate covered raisins[…..]

A Family Tradition of Giving

We are always honored when people who hear about our mission at Give Kids The World decide to donate and help enhance the experience for our wish families. Recently Dean Browell and his 9-year-old daughter Addy visited the Village to practice what they call First Gift, their family’s December tradition of giving. Dean writes about[…..]

Welcome Back: Reliving the Magic

Leaving the Village at the end of a child’s wish trip is always bittersweet. But there is comfort in knowing they can always return for a visit and recreate some of their special memories. Wish mom Cat and her family recently returned to the Village on Halloween, and a flood of delightful memories came rushing[…..]