5 Blissful Volunteering Tips

by gktwadmin on February 25, 2013

in The Volunteer Experience

Love and dedication – all it takes to be an awesome volunteer Angel! Thanks to our volunteer Angels, wish families are surrounded by smiling faces and are invited to enjoy their time in the whimsical Village. Serving others as a volunteer Angel can be incredibly rewarding and life-changing. Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your volunteer experience!


  • Have a great attitude – be excited! Our wish families feel the loving energy throughout the Village, so be magnetic. Don’t forget to smile!
  • Be a loveable friend and a good listener! Our wish children often times, just want someone to talk to. Engage in funny conversations with them. Ask them about their favorite Village theme nights, or if they have any favorite games they like to play. Keep your chats fun and light. The children love to share stories!
  • volunteer_imbKnow the positive difference you are making. Being in the service of others can bring personal fulfillment – an incredible feeling that can only be felt when putting others’ needs before your own. So don’t forget to let your light shine bright. Remember, you are a star!
  • Have fun! The Village is a magical destination and this amazing place is a beautiful fantasy come to life. Take time to enjoy your surroundings. Live it up for a little bit and laugh a lot!
  • Make It A Habit! Keep those good volunteer vibes coming and never forget how much fun you had at the Village. Please don’t be shy, come back and volunteer any day of the week! We love our volunteer Angels.

For more information on how you can be an Angel at the Village, please visit our Volunteer website or e-mail volunteer@gktw.org.


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