6 Ways to Make Waiting Rooms More Fun

Waiting for services like car repairs, driver’s license renewals or car washes can take up a good part of our daily lives.  And those waits can seem even longer if you are accompanied by a child. Here are six tips to help keep your little ones entertained while you wait.


1. Tiny Toys: Bringing a few small toys is always a smart way to distract your child from the wait. Make sure the toys are age appropriate and do not pose a choking hazard. Remember, tiny toys always have a way of getting lost so if your child has a favorite, you might want to leave that cherished keepsake at home.

2. Story Time: Reading a story is a great way to keep your child entertained, but involving them in the story can make time fly by. Keep your little one involved by having them pick character names, settings or surprise plot twists. You’ll find the whole family laughing by the time your wait is over.

3. Healthy Snacks: Being hungry in a waiting room always seems to make the wait longer. Keep those hunger pains at bay with a few healthy on-the-go snack options. Try to avoid anything messy.

4. Notebook and Crayons: Let you child’s imagination take flight with a simple notebook and a few crayons. Ask questions about their creations and feel free to throw in some suggestions. Request a self-portrait of you making a funny face to add humor to their art.

5. On-The-Fly Games: When your option are limited, a quick game of “I Spy” or a counting game can turn a waiting room into an interactive board game. If you spot a picture of flowers on the wall, ask your children to help you count the flowers.

6. Teach Patience with Patience: As we all know, children love to mimic their parents. If you become frustrated or impatience, chances are your children will do the same. Take a deep breath and relax. Talk about your trip to the Village and reminisce over your favorite vacation memories.