A Straight-Shot of Support from Solivita

by gktwadmin on March 20, 2013

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Sol_ImbBilliard games require skill and concentration, but always include fun and friendly competition. The billiards table in Amberville gives our wish families a fun-filled game to play while they hang out and enjoy all that the Village has to offer. In addition to choosing between a banana split and a sundae, children of the Village love picking stripes or solids.

The charming Amberville pool table has received special care and attention for the past two years, thanks to the generous members of the Solivita Billiards Club. In 2011, the group covered the cost of having the pool table completely re-felted – a helpful repair that gives the pool table a smooth playing surface.


After experiencing the magic of the Village, the club wanted to contribute even more to the upkeep of the Amberville pool table and decided to hold a wonderful fundraiser at the Solivita Starlight Ballroom in October of 2012. The sold out event welcomed 200 Solivita community residents, an incredible turn-out! Donations were collected by ticket sales, an impressive silent auction and a chance-to-win drawing. The club’s charitable efforts were a tremendous success and they were able to collect enough funds to purchase new billiards equipment for Amberville. The club members were delighted to donate six wooden cue sticks, including two mini sticks for kids, along with a brand new rack of pool balls and chalk.

Carolyn Roe, a volunteer Angel and Village regular, was the head organizer of the event. She was able to put her good works to great use and utilize her group of friends from the Solivita Billiards Club, to help support Give Kids The World. We have the most incredible volunteer Angels, who always keep the Village in their hearts. They look for unique ways to give back to the Village through their precious time and talents, and we thank you for the straight-shot of support. Sounds like it’s time to re-rack and play a round of 8 ball!


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