A Surprise Greeting From a Familiar Angel

by on September 30, 2013

in The Volunteer Experience

CindyDiciccofullreplaceBeing an Angel at Give Kids The World is a magical experience where volunteers provide endless amounts of joy to wish families. Occasionally, the experience is even more rewarding when the wish child is someone the Angel knows. Cindy Dicicco has welcomed wish families at the airport for two years, and always found it to be exciting and memorable. But when she was able to greet her nephew, Jared, on his wish trip to the Village, it wasn’t just a special moment — it was a family reunion.

Since Jared and his family live in Texas, Cindy has been unable to visit them for several years. A year and a half ago, they learned that Jared had cancer, which made the distance even more difficult. Imagine her excitement when she learned his wish was to come to the Village – certainly a dream come true for the entire family!

Once Jared’s wish trip to GKTW was confirmed, Cindy arranged to be his airport greeter, finally getting the chance to see her nieces and nephew in person. She wanted it to be a surprise, so she didn’t tell Jared or her brother, Thomas. As the family made their way to the airport lobby, Cindy held Jared’s welcome sign in front of her face so she didn’t give away her identity. As soon as he got close, she dropped the paper to reveal it was her. The kids were all very excited to meet her, and she was happy be reunited with the whole family.

Jared and his family loved their experience at the Village, and were so excited to have a family reunion during their wish trip. “I love to volunteer at GKTW because I enjoy helping the families, and you don’t expect that one day you might be on the other side,” Cindy said. She is grateful that being an Angel provided her with this unique opportunity, and her whole family is happy they got to experience the magic of the Village. “From the moment they got here, they just loved it,” Cindy said.



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