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GKTW Wish Children Get an Extra-Sweet Treat

Many children dream of chocolate, sweets and snacks. Yesterday, that dream became a reality for the kids and families staying at Give Kids The World.

Thanks to the National Confectioners Association, Boerman Moving and Storage, and Central Moving & Storage, 15 tons of candy and snacks were delivered to the Village! Trucks full of all sorts of tasty treats pulled into the Village, courtesy of exhibitors at the NCA’s annual Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago.

Some of the treats will be donated to our gift-giving program and will be delivered to families’ villas for months to come. But yesterday morning, as one of the trucks opened on The Avenue, hundreds of packages of snacks and candies came tumbling out for children to scoop up.

The Brashear family was packed and ready to return home when they spotted the truck loaded with goodies. They were given bags to fill and looked a little overwhelmed by their candy haul.

“We’re going to need an extra suitcase for all of this candy!” said wish mom Natasha.

Similar scenes played out all morning, as kids pleaded with parents to swap out breakfast for candy. Wish child Teanna and her brother TJ couldn’t believe how much they collected.

“This is awesome,” said TJ. “It’s even better than Halloween!”

This generous donation definitely made for a sweet and fun morning at the Village!



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