Angels From Abroad

by on September 25, 2013

in The Volunteer Experience

The Village would not be the same without the amazing volunteer Angels that so generously donate their time each day to make the experience for our wish families so wonderful. Recently Give Kids The World welcomed two new Angels who traveled all the way from Germany with the sole purpose of spending an entire year volunteering at GKTW. After graduating from high school, Fritzi Wilczkowski and Felix Meyerhoff both decided to take a year off before going to college, something that is fairly common in Germany. Having a desire to experience another part of the world, they joined an organization called World-Horizon that sends people to different countries to donate their time to worthy causes. They both had an interest in working with children, so the organization connected them with Give Kids The World. “I really wanted to work with kids so I could experience the joy they bring to life. I knew this would be the perfect place for me,” recalls Felix.

FritziFelix_ImbEven though they learned about the Village before their arrival, they had no idea what to expect. “When I first came here it was really overwhelming. I saw pictures before I came but I could never imagine what it was actually like. It’s a great atmosphere where everyone is always smiling, so I love it,” said Fritzi. Although it has been hard to be away from their families, they feel welcomed by the staff and fellow Angels. “You meet a new person every day and it’s so interesting to hear all the stories they have. I felt welcome the moment I went through the gate,” said Felix.

After attending orientation, they both quickly jumped into their new roles, willing to go anywhere that Volunteer Services needed them. Since volunteering is their full-time job, they spend an average of eight hours a day at GKTW. Though they’ve both only been here for about a month, they’ve already logged over 400 hours combined. “My favorite place to volunteer is the Castle of Miracles because it’s really magical. The first time the families come in, you see their eyes get big because they’re always amazed at the amount of stars,” explained Fritzi.

Volunteering for at least 40 hours each week might seem like a big task, but they exceed that number because they love the Village so much. “I receive so much more than I give. The families are great, the volunteers are friendly and the staff is amazing,” said Felix.

Give Kids The World is overjoyed to welcome Felix and Fritzi to their home away from home. We are grateful for each moment they spend crafting lasting memories for our cherished guests.


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