Anniversary of Gingerbread House

by gktwadmin on November 6, 2012

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Candy canes, gumdrops and goodies galore!

Since the grand opening, November 6, 1990, the Gingerbread House Restaurant has served wish families breakfast and dinner each and every day. Guests agree there’s nothing more special than spending quality meal time with your loved ones while surrounded in such a positive atmosphere.

Managed and funded by Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, the Gingerbread House serves up families’ mealtime favorites using Perkins’ delicious, wholesome recipes. It sure is a scrumptious way to get ready for a day at Orlando’s theme parks or reflect on the amazing day of memory making you just had, and not having to cook or clean up after dinner is a big treat for parents.

Equally inviting is the Gingerbread House’s interior. There are many enchanting surprises in every nook and cranny of the restaurant. However, some of those surprises are hidden within the history of the objects.

This stands true for the more than 2,000 plush-stuffed animals that line the walls. The story dates back to 1994 and involves a blond haired homemade doll that wears a red crocheted outfit. It was first donated to Give Kids The World by a young boy from England who visited the Village. Throughout his life, he underwent numerous hospital visits and chemotherapy sessions during which he carried his beloved doll with him. When it came time for his family to check out of the Village, the young boy insisted that the doll be kept here at the Gingerbread House because he felt as though the children at Give Kids The World needed it more than he did.

Surrounded by past wish family’s souvenirs of caring and understanding, current guests of the Village enjoy full hearts and full tummies.


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