April’s End of Chemo Party

by gktwadmin on June 12, 2013

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Our family was able to stay at Give Kids The World this past summer. It was an amazing experience. Our daughter April completed her chemo treatments in January. To celebrate we threw a party and asked our guests for donations to organizations that helped us through this journey. Thank you for giving us the memories of a lifetime.

                                                                                               Jan Meredith

For the Meredith family, it is hard to believe it has almost been a year since their daughter April’s unforgettable wish trip to Give Kids The World Village.

AprilImbDancing on stage for Village Idol, unlimited carousel rides, a nightly ice-cream bedtime snack, trips to the pool, swinging in Matthew’s Boundless Playground – the family fun was endless.

Since April’s magical week, highlighted with meeting her favorite princesses and exploring the best of Central Florida’s attractions, she has achieved quite a feat.

After 2 ½ years of treatment, April has recently finished up her last treatment of chemo! And this certainly called for a celebration.

Shortly after April was diagnosed, the Meredith family decided that when the treatment was all over, a huge party would be in order.


“For an ordeal like this, not only do you need some sort of release at the end but you also need something to look forward to during the treatment,” said wish mom, Jan. “We would talk about the party often during the really rough chemo treatments and how great it was going to be when April was able to get back to some of the things she really loved. We would talk about what we would have at the party, who was going to be there, what kinds of sweets and other foods would be served and anything else that would keep the imagination working.”


The Meredith family on April’s last day of chemo.

With a giant bouncy house, tons of tasty treats, a photo booth to take goofy pictures in and a full size snow cone maker, the party they had dreamed about for so long turned out to be an absolute blast.

Fun was had by adults and kids alike, but especially by April. April’s mom Jan says, “One of the greatest sites of the day was seeing April jump around in that bouncy house. She had been unable to do that during her entire treatment because of the port in her side.”

Because Give Kids The World helped give them the happiness and hope to battle on, they wanted to find a way to say thank you. The family set up a table with donation jars for Give Kids The World alongside a collage of photos from April’s entire 2 ½ years of treatment. Their goal was to help others receive the same experience they did.

The generous funds raised by the Meredith family for Give Kids The World ensures that the laughs, celebrations and leaps for joy experienced at April’s End of Chemo Party will keep on giving here at the Village.

Thank you, Meredith family, and congratulations, April, on reaching such a significant milestone!


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