April’s Special Memories

These wonderful Magical Moments were captured from our precious wish families during their stays at the Village in April. 


“I think it’s great you offer Internet. That way we can have communication with family and share pictures.”


“Our time here has made us evaluate our own lives. We head back home very humbled at the generosity and smiles of others.”


“It was an emotional trip for all of us. Jordan can’t wait to come back and volunteer.”


“We loved the feeling of being at home. Staying in a new place can be unsettling; at GKTW everything says ‘you’re home.’”


“The villa was fabulous! It was spacious and had everything we needed. Sierra loved the jet tub.”


“You’ve included any and everything kids love and want! Singing, dancing, characters, cookies, ice cream, horses and much more!”


“Not having to do anything but make sure our kids had a great time gave us a chance to make priceless memories.”



“We were impressed with the staff (engineering) that changed our porch light bulb – they arrived within 5 minutes of our call.”


“It was so nice that everyone included the siblings. All were treated with the same love and happiness.”


“My children felt like they were living in a fairytale land. My son never thought about doctors, hospitals or chemo.”


“The greeting at the airport was a great experience. Very efficient.”


“Stella wanted to leave Disney for the Village parties.  Halloween was our favorite.”



“Hi to Mayor Clayton – he is the best tucker-inner ever.”


“The volunteers were the best. You can tell how much they love what they do. It was their smiling faces that made the stay.”


“Katie was included in all activities all the time; she’s wheelchair bound and this rarely happens in the real world.”



“I want to thank everyone for letting us feel special and feel normal for one week. It is nice to see Elizabeth enjoy and breathe the magic this Village brought to her.”


“Every day had a new activity and the staff and volunteers treated us with special care. Thank you for the wonderful evening activities.”