August’s Special Memories

These wonderful Magical Moments were captured from our precious wish families during their stays at the Village in August.

“The welcoming party at the Airport was very nice and friendly. It was evident that they were happy to have us, and that was when we realized that we would certainly be having an enjoyable week at the Village.”

AugSM_Imb3“We were completely blown away by the cleanliness! We found the Village to be cleaner than the hospitals we have visited.”

“Everything was a positive reflection of the staff, founder and partners.”

“The staff and volunteers are wonderful! Always there with a kind word, helpful info and a smile! I love this place!”


“Jaydon felt very special after meeting Santa and having happy birthday sung to him by everyone.”

“How nice and overly accommodating everyone was at the Village. It truly made us feel so special – like VIP guests!”AugSM_Imb2

“Having a chance to spend time with my family in a place where we didn’t have to think about anything for a week. We could go out and have fun and not think about anything except what we wanted to do next. And wherever we went people treated us like we were really important and special. Greeted us with a smile. Opened doors for us literally and figuratively. It was like experiencing a little piece of heaven.”


“My son is absolutely obsessed with trains and Amberville was like his fantasy land. Between the train ride, the interactive train and all the beautiful train collections on display, he was in his glory!”

“The Village Guide was amazing it was what we used for everything; even the directions were so simple and easy to understand.”

“All the staff and volunteers made us feel so very special and cared for. Nothing was too much trouble. They were always helpful, polite and most of all, cheerful! From cleaners to cooks, painters, gardeners, receptionists and drivers, everyone met us with a smile.”

“The villa we stayed in was more than I could have imagined. It was clean, well maintained and beautifully decorated.”

“My kids LOVED being able to eat ice cream at 7:30 am, which they did!”


“Words can’t describe how wonderful the staff and volunteers were. Everyone of you are true angels and have made me bring back wonderful memories that my children and I will have forever. That is priceless and I can’t thank you enough.”

“Our kids really enjoyed Ms. Merry coming to tuck them in. She did a great job giving each one of them individual attention.”

“We liked the pool. Blake can hardly stand in the regular pool and that gave him the opportunity to enjoy the water also.”

“The provision of the theme park tickets with the ‘fast pass’ guest assistance was really fantastic as it made our theme park experiences really enjoyable – not having to wait in long queues for the rides made a huge difference. We went to the Siemens lounge at Epcot which was a lovely respite from the crowds and heat.”

SONY DSC“For the first time, our family was able to relax and not worry about accessibility. Everything was accessible, and we had the time of our lives.”

“As my son said to me, ‘Mom it’s always been my dream to eat ice cream for breakfast.’ I told him that this is a week for all of his dreams to come true. And is starts with ice cream for breakfast in the morning.”