Awareness Angels

awareness-angels-logoGive Kids The World depends on volunteers, known as Angels, to fulfill important roles every day at the Village. These volunteers are crucial to providing an unforgettable experience for our cherished families. But not all of our Angels volunteer in person at the Village.  Some Angels support GKTW in other ways, such as sharing our mission and activities with the online community.

These volunteers are our Awareness Angels.

By sharing the story of GKTW, Awareness Angels are some of our greatest advocates, expanding our reach to others in the online community. These special volunteers encourage others to attend GKTW events, volunteer at the Village and donate to our mission. Awareness Angels are the online champions for Give Kids The World.

If you are interested in becoming an Awareness Angel to serve as a messenger of hope for children with life-threatening illnesses, please complete the information below.


For more information, contact:

Mark Hoewing
Public Relations Manager
407-396-1114 ext 4259