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Photo courtesy of Blue Wave Imaging.

Thanks to nearly 1,000 Papa John’s employees, Give Kids The World looks more magical than ever. The Papa John’s Humanitarian Project brought buses of ready-to-work Associates, Employees and Owners, and in just 4 hours, the Village was transformed! The Village’s 1,500-foot long exterior wall received a fresh coat of paint, but that’s not all! Here is just a glimpse of what this incredible group accomplished:

Fairy Tale Forest:


  • 1,042 feet of vinyl fencing cleaned and waxed.
  • Matthew’s Boundless Playground was sanitized, landscaped and mulched.

Keaton’s Korral:

  • The Korral fencing was repaired, replaced and repainted.
  • All weeds were removed and volunteers installed a weed barrier.
  • New foliage, rock and mulch were placed throughout.

Park of Dreams:


  • Added new sand and stones after cleaning all of the pool furniture.
  • Installed a bamboo wall at the Hula Hut.

The Enchanted Carousel:

  • Polished all of the brass and cleaned each of the beautiful Carousel animals.
  • Applied a water seal to the deck around the Enchanted Carousel.

Fishing Gazebo and Bob’s Sparkleberry Nature Trail:

  • Cleaned and water sealed the 1,124-square-foot dock.
  • Trimmed back vegetation on the Nature Trail.
  • Cleaned and water sealed the entire 565-foot long and 7-foot wide wooden walkway.


  • Yards were raked, weeded and mulched around all 140 Villas. In addition, new foliage was planted in the flower beds.

As an added bonus, Papa John’s volunteers removed all old landscaping from the area across from Volunteer Services. This area was then framed, grated, leveled and prepared for pavers. By the end of the day, Papa John’s had created a 25-foot by 35-foot Volunteer Gathering Place, featuring a patio area and an accessible sidewalk.

The materials used to accomplish such an impressive array of accomplishments included:



  • Over 130 gallons of paint
  • 40 gallons of water seal
  • 10 tons of rock
  • Over 1,800 linear feet of lumber
  • 15 cubic yards of white sand
  • 700 potted plants
  • 3,960 bags of mulch
  • 3,100 paver stones
  • Snacks, drinks, sunscreen, gloves and, of course, fresh and delicious Papa John’s pizza!


Thank you Papa John’s! It was an honor to have you visit Give Kids The World, and we are in awe of all the magical accomplishments you left behind.


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  • Claire

    OMGoodness. They were like an swarm. Amazing the amount they were able to accomplish. I bet that took so much planning, preparation, and organization to pull that all off. Congratulations to Papa Johns volunteers and everyone at GKTW. I bet the place is sparkling!

  • Way to go. That is so awesome. It looks beautiful. Hugs to GKTW from the Heinrich family and thanks to Papa John’s

  • Christy Kopp

    We are a past GKTW family, thank you. I just posted a thank you on the Papa John’s website. Way to go team.

    • Alex Harney

      Thank you, Christy, for letting Papa John’s know how much their hard work meant to our families. What an amazing accomplishment!

  • Robert oloughlin

    thank you papa john’s , my son was there last year what a great place, and thank you to all your helpers

  • Beverly Peterson


  • Janet Eckerson

    Kudos to Papa John’s for all of their hard work and donation. This is a testament to the type of employer Papa John’s is that they were able to pull this off with such a large number of employees willing to donate their time. My family was there in 2011 with my son Brendan and it is such an amazing place. Thank you to everyone who volunteers their time – we all appreciate it!!

  • John Ott

    As a father to a wish child that stayed at GKTW the place is magical. I will now enjoy only Papa John Pizza.

  • Lynn Oldfield

    Thank you from a 2012 GKTW visiting family, without people like you all GKTW and the world in general would me a much sadder place. You are amazing, well done and thanks again for all your hard work and time. Xx

  • Mary Eubanks

    This brought tears to my eyes! So amazing what these lovely, generous people were able to accomplish.

  • Dave B

    Thanks for making GKTW such a beautiful and inviting place for special kids and their families. Your generosity is remarkable. YOU ROCK!!!

  • Mark Wieland

    Wow, Good to hear of all the people that help support GKTW. Before my sons brain surgery I never knew this place existed before. Looking forward to our visit next month. I bet the place looks great!

  • Yamil Santiago

    Thank you very much Papa John’s for your great contribution to GKTW on behalf of all the families.

  • Amy

    Just one more reason that I will continue to be a Papa John’s customer! We had the most magical vacation EVER at GKTW in 2009… we will never forget it <3 The Ericksons

  • Jon Dannenfelser

    Absolutely Incredible. Thanks to Papa John’s for all their work! Thanks to ALL the businesses and the volunteers who make GKTW such an amazing place!!! We were there with our daughter Melody in 2006 and were blown away!! What an incredible gift GKTW is to kids. Keep up the great work. God Bless!!

    The Dannenfelsers

  • Mindy S

    Good job Papa John’s team. Thank you for all that you do. That is so cool!!

  • Timothy Kain


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