Chad & The Magical Express

It is important to find personal joys in life. To some, joy comes from travelling. To others, joy comes from retail therapy. To one of our special volunteers however, joy comes from the simple act of giving.


Chad celebrating 2 Million volunteer hours with Village staff.

The heartwarming tale dates backs to the summer of 2009. Fueled with the will to give back to his community, Chad embarked on a cyber-quest in hope of finding a worthwhile volunteer opportunity.

The search didn’t take long. Simply by looking up volunteer opportunities in Orlando, he was quickly directed to Give Kids The World. Within 5 minutes of his volunteer orientation he was hooked: Give Kids The World was exactly what he had been looking for. From there, the rest is history.

Chad continues to devote a great deal of his time here at the Village, despite having a busy work schedule. He also gives back in a concrete manner as well.

Over the past few years, Chad has contributed in substantial ways; whether it is in redesigning the guest orientation with Guest Services or donating a Holiday tree, garlands and decorations for the House of Hearts. His latest addition is the Magical Express, a limo cart designed to move up to eight guests around the Village!

“Nothing brings more joy to me than giving; not for the thank you or any sort of acknowledgement, just simply for stepping back and watching the difference that results. It is just the greatest feeling there is. Like so many others, GKTW has burrowed into my heart and taken up residence. How can you not be inspired by the kids, the families, the employees, the volunteers, the corporate sponsors?  I have never experienced such an opportunity to stand on the shoulders of and beside altruistic giants and make a real difference for so many. The wonder of the Village is that there are endless opportunities to make an impact– small things like holiday decorations and bigger items like a golf cart. You never know what will be noticed or appreciated by a family. To receive the priceless smiles of those kids is a precious gift that makes it very easy to find new ways to give to the Village.”


Wish child, Madalyn, and her family tour the Village aboard the Magical Express.

We can never thank Chad enough for his amazing devotion to the Village, but for him, it’s not done for the praise. It’s done simply for the sheer joy of giving back.