Dreams Come True Because of Birthday Party

Lindsay Chiasson turned her birthday into a day to celebrate the children of Give Kids The World.

Most children hope for mounds and mounds of toys on their birthday, but this wasn’t the case for Lindsay Chiasson.

Face painting was a popular FUNdraising activity at Linsday’s birthday party.

Instead of wishing for her own presents, Lindsay wished to give other children the magic of Give Kids The World Village. Lindsay decided that, at her birthday party, she would ask for donations to the Village instead of gifts.


Among the games, face painting and delicious ice cream sundaes was a donation table with pictures and information about GKTW, as well as tiny, brightly colored stars for guests with the message, “Take a star, make a wish and may all of your dreams come true!”

But these little stars were destined to not only make dreams come true for party guests, but for future wish children, too. In fact, Lindsay’s birthday party was so much fun that she decided to do even more for the Village.

Everyone loves ice cream; especially when it’s for a good cause!


Lindsay decided to host a Crazy Hair Day at her school in which students donated $1 in exchange for donning a silly hairdo for the day. Hair ranged in styles from brightly colored spikey wigs, Dr. Seuss “Who” hair, formed into all kinds of crazy shapes with wire and ribbon, and even crazier dyes and styles.

School is even more fun when you’re rockin’ a crazy hairstyle and helping other kids experience the magic of the Village.

Lindsay isn’t the only Chiasson dedicated to this cause – she learned about Give Kids The World from her mother Dawn who hosted the first ever Canadian “Power of 10” event in Halifax.

During the Power of 10 fundraiser, participants committed to asking ten of their friends to donate $10 to GKTW. Doing so raised $5,600 the Village!  The event party featured auction items and donated prizes that filled two rooms. Although it was the first Canadian Power of 10, Dawn says it certainly will not be the last.

But the Chiasson family’s dedication to the Village does not end there. Dawn Chiasson takes a mother-daughter trip to the Village with each of her girls, and Lindsay can’t wait until her next trip in 2014. Dawn, with her eldest daughter Rae, will be at GKTW in December to volunteer for a day.

There is no doubt that during their visit to the Village the Chiasson’s will surely see that their philanthropic efforts, and perhaps a few star wishes, are making dreams come true for wish families who visit Give Kids The World Village.

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