Earth Day Craft: Planet Earth

Earth Day is the special day to celebrate the beautiful planet that we live on. The Earth is our special home and it sits in a beautiful galaxy filled with gleaming stars, just like the Castle of Miracles. Take time to appreciate your natural surroundings and remember to keep our planet clean.



  • coffee filter
  • blue and green washable markers
  • squirt bottle with water in it
  • glue
  • glitter
  • small star stickers
  • black construction paper


  1. Start by making your Earth. Flatten out a coffee filter onto a plate.
  2. Now you can get creative and scribble the filter with blue and green washable markers.
  3. Take your squirt bottle of water and spray the coffee filter two or three times. Spray directly right into the center of the filter, and enjoy watching the water wick the colors over the filter. The colors will blend together and give it a beautiful translucent effect.
  4. Make sure not to spray too much water onto your Earth. Instead take your time and enjoy watching the colors blend.
  5. Now, let your Earth dry. It should take about half an hour for the Earth to dry, but it will take longer if you soaked your Earth with several added sprays.
  6. While the Earth is drying, you can start to make your galaxy. Take your piece of black construction paper and begin decorating with the small star stickers.
  7. Grab your glue and make zigzag designs with the glue on the paper.
  8. Then sprinkle your glitter on top, making sure to cover all the areas that have glue on them.
  9. After the glitter has settled and the glue is dry, shake off the excess glitter into a trash bag.
  10. Lastly, glue your colorful Earth onto the black paper.

You are now ready to share your Earth Day creation with your friends and family. Take a moment to appreciate Mother Nature and remember to keep your environment a happy and healthy place!