Easter Craft: Mayor Clayton Party Hats

by gktwadmin on March 30, 2013

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Spring is finally here and Mayor Clayton can’t wait to celebrate his favorite season. As you dye eggs and hunt for surprise treats, keep the Mayor close at hand with your very own Mayor Clayton party hat!


  • A4 size piece of construction paper (This can be any color you’d prefer.)
  • 1 cotton ball
  • 2 googly eyes (If you don’t have these, simply draw eyes with marker.)
  • pair of scissors
  • glue
  • tape (optional)
  • markers
  • two small pieces of white paper for the teeth
  • 1 rubber band
  • a stapler


For your Mayor Clayton Hat:

  1. Mayor Clayton loves to dress up for special holidays! You can too with a festive party hat. First, print out this simple TEMPLATE from a computer. Use this to trace your hat and Mayor Clayton’s ears.
  2. After you are done tracing two bunny ears and the hat shape onto your construction paper, carefully take the scissors and cut them out.Craft_imb2
  3. Now, that you’re done cutting your hat and ears, take the hat shape and wrap it into a cone. We want it to stay in place, so make sure to secure it with adhesive tape or glue.Craft_imb3
  4. When the cone is dry, glue your cotton ball to the very back of the cone. This will be Mayor Clayton’s fuzzy tail.Craft_imb4
  5. Now for the fun part! Glue your googly eyes to the front of the cone, or use your marker to draw big bold eyes. Draw a cute little nose, whiskers and a smiling face. If you want your hat to look more like the Mayor, draw two circles around the eyes and connect them with a line to make Mayor Clayton’s glasses.Craft_imb5
  6. Glue the two small trips of white paper to the mouth to add bunny teeth to the smile.Craft_imb6
  7. Glue the two bunny ears to the top of the hat. If you want the ears to flop, curl the ends around a pencil.Craft_imb7
  8. Everything is looking fantastic and you’re almost finished. Carefully use your scissors to cut the rubber band so that it looks like a stretchy piece of string. Staple one side of the rubber band to the left side of the bunny hat, and staple the other end to the right side. Craft_imb8

Congratulations! Now you can put on your Mayor Clayton Hat and start hopping! You now have a great party hat and your very own Mayor Clayton. Craft_imb9


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