Edelman Orlando Celebrates Christmas in August at The Village

by gktwadmin on September 17, 2012

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Lara Blosser, Senior Account Executive at Edelman Orlando, shares her insight into corporate giving and the volunteer experience.

Danielle Marone and Mary Metcalf taking a break from serving dinner at The Gingerbread House to take a quick picture.

The holiday season may only come once a year for most of us, but for the families visiting Give Kids The World, Christmas comes every Thursday. Recently, our Edelman Orlando team joined in on the weekly celebration and helped bring a little bit of holiday cheer to the Village. From serving dinner at the Gingerbread House, to making candy cane reindeer and snowflake ornaments with the children, the Christmas spirit was all around – despite the Florida heat and thunderstorms.

Katarina Dos Santos and Angela Souvannara wait for their next “clients” at the La-Ti-Da Spa.

As Give Kids The World’s pro bono public relations agency, we chose to support the organization’s outreach efforts because of its well-established philanthropic history, national and international reach and the amazing work that happens at the Village every day. As part of our job, it’s important to our team to not only help the Village receive the recognition it deserves while we’re inside the office, but to give back outside of the office as well. There was no better way for us to do that than to have our first experience as volunteer “Angels” and see firsthand what our work contributes to on a daily basis.

Jacklyne Ramos makes snowflake ornaments at the Winter Wonderland craft station with the children and their families.

We all walked away with touching memories that have never made us prouder to support Give Kids The World. We’re already planning our next trip…and this time we’re thinking about pulling on our favorite Halloween costumes for the Village’s weekly trick-or-treat! Looking forward to it!


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