Election Heats up at GKTW’s Chili Cookoff

The presidential election isn’t the only voting taking precedence these days. There have been a lot of decisions made here at the Village as of late, especially at the Second Annual Volunteer Services Chili Cookoff where today was the day to cleanse your palate and cast your ballot!

It was a beautiful, breezy day at the Village where the football was being tossed amongst friends and laughs were abundant.

However, just outside of Volunteers Services there was serious business at hand as six contestants had their eye on the prize: the Silver Spoon trophy.

Wish families, volunteers and employees came together to treat their taste buds and determine which chili was the best in all the Village.

A record 91 participants came out to judge each contestant’s chili concoction. The choices were tough, and only one could win.

Each contestant brought their “A” game – as well as a competitive spirit. Busily recruiting voters to visit their tables, chili chefs offered up their samples along with exuberant conversation that showed confidence in their concoctions.

The reigning champ, Charlie, brought out “Nacho Mama’s” chili.

You could have orally journeyed to Nikki’s homeland of Cleveland with her “3 C” chili.

Perhaps you could have even had yourself a meal fit for royalty with “the Queen’s Chili” compliments of Patricia who originally hails from “across the pond.”

Or maybe jump into the Halloween spirit with a dash of Tami’s “Ghoulfriend’s Chili!”

Vegetarians gobbled up Connie’s delightful “Mega C” chili!

And everyone loved “Beth Ann’s Chili” for its hearty New England texture and rich flavor.

Each contestant brought something different to the table, and after the participants tested the chili creations the ballots were counted and the winner was announced.

Reportedly, it was a very close count as each chili had a unique flavor.

At the end of the day, the judges were impressed with Patricia’s Shepard’s Pie-style, turkey and sweet potato chili!

Patricia’s dish had “all the flavors of fall.” She was then presented the Silver Spoon Trophy that was remorsefully given up by Charlie – all in good fun, of course.

At the end of the day, everyone happily tottered away with a well-fed stomach.  Including the Queen, who fashioned a sparkly purple crown on her head and trophy in her hands!

In Patricia’s words, “Hard work and perseverance really pays off!”

 And we agree. Perseverance can be delicious.

 Have a favorite chili recipe? Comment below and share it with us.

Additional contribution from Jenny Wells