February’s Treasured Moments

by gktwadmin on March 11, 2013

in The Family Experience

Below is a collection of magical memories and treasured moments relayed to us on last month’s comment cards written by our precious wish families.


“We felt like ourselves again before the diagnosis. My family found our ‘old’ laughter, smiles and togetherness again.”


“The most special thing about the Village is the staff and volunteers.  Each one of you, with your genuine care and kindness, gives the Village its heart.”


“The camcorder loan was so nice!  We don’t have one, so it was nice to be able to record memories.”


“Our welcome, tour and orientation were so warm and helpful. Thanks for starting our trip off so sweetly.”



“The food was amazing and wholesome. The ice cream was the bomb.”


“The carousel was the best. Although my daughter is in a wheelchair, she was able to ride as much as she wanted.”



“We loved the greet sign that the airport greeter had when we arrived. It made my little girl smile and made her so happy to see her name.”



“We have 2 teens and they really enjoyed Mayor Clayton’s birthday party music.”


“It was amazing to be in a place where everything was thought out for wheelchairs – no long roundabout ways to get in and out of buildings.”


“Having volunteers carry your tray in the GBH is extremely helpful.”


“GKTW did an outstanding job of providing a spotless, germ free environment.”



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