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Five Trains that Chug Through Give Kids The World Village

Give Kids The World Village’s trains keep us on track for having fun. They come in all different sizes and can even be found in some unexpected spots. Here are five of our favorite locomotives here at the Village:

1. Amberville Trains

Amberville train station is home to all sorts of trains. Some that move, some that shine and some that even go around high above your head! Our toy trains are such a joy for families to watch. Plus, kids can even press buttons to make the trains move up and down the tracks.

2. JJ’s Express

JJ’s Express is a family favorite here at Give Kids The World. This wheelchair-accessible ride circles Amberville dozens of times each day, with children ringing the bell and saying hello to the dinosaurs passing by. 

3. Brayden’s Express

Brayden’s Express is perfect for giving families a chance to get off their feet. It circles all around the Village helping them get wherever they need to go. It’s named after Brayden Breaux, a little boy who dreamed of growing up to “be a train!” Now, this little orange train (Brayden’s favorite color) makes Brayden’s dream a reality.

4. GKTW Sign

When you first enter the gates of Give Kids The World Village, you’ll see a bright sign that welcomes you into the Village. On it, among smiling faces and a drawing of the Castle of Miracles, you can spot a little blue train!


On our CANDY LAND board in the Ice Cream Palace, or on your very own game of CANDY LAND Village Edition, you’ll find a train and a smiling face when you land near Amberville.

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