Fourth of July Craft: Red, White and Blue Windsock

by gktwadmin on July 3, 2013

in The Family Experience

Happy Fourth of July to all of our stateside wish families! Before you fire up the barbecue and settle in for the fireworks, here is a fun and easy craft that will add to your patriotic decor!



Red, white and blue ribbon
A red or blue plastic cup
Star stickers or a permanent marker

Let’s get started!


Step 1: Carefully poke a small hole in the bottom of your plastic cup. Cut a piece of string about two-feet long and tie the two ends together to make a big knot.


Step 2: Pull the loop of the string through the hole at the bottom of the cup. The knot should keep the string from coming all the way through.


Step 3: Use your imagination to decorate your cup. Cover the cup with star stickers or use a permanent market to add your own design.


Step 4: Once you are happy with your cup’s decoration, cut your ribbon into three-foot pieces. Tape them, while alternating colors, to the inside of the cup.


Step 5: Great job! Now, find the perfect place to hang your new patriotic wind sock so that everyone can enjoy your work!


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