Gift Fairy Makes Extra Special Delivery!

Imagine coming home to a fairy-tale Village after a full day of having your every wish fulfilled.

With every dream having come true — ice cream for breakfast, a meet and greet with your favorite hero or princess and visiting Orlando’s popular theme parks — you’re probably asking yourself, “What more could a kid ask for?”

Well, most kids don’t ask for more but GKTW gives it to them anyway by sending the Gift Fairy to every villa. While the families are out enjoying their once-in-a-lifetime vacation, the Gift Fairy leaves surprise gifts for all wish children and their siblings.

As professional wish fulfillers, we know there is nothing better than exceeding a family’s expectations about their wish trip. It truly is one of the most rewarding experiences you can ever have, and now you can share in this gratifying experience.

This week, you can put wind behind the Gift Fairy’s wings by supporting our Gift Giving Program at Groupon’s site:

We’d love to hear your story! Tell us how the Gift Fairy made your stay at the Village extra special by commenting below.

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