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Give Kids The World volunteer David Sitko shares why he and his new wife Kristen chose to make a donation to the Village in lieu of giving their guests wedding favors.

“The lessons in love, humility and hope that we have learned at GKTW have helped build an amazing foundation for our relationship.”

When Kristen and I first thought about the idea of donating to a nonprofit in place of favors for our October wedding, it became obvious that this was the perfect option for us.  One of the greatest things we share is our love for helping others.  We can attest to not only how rewarding it is to help others  who are less fortunate, but also to how it has made both of us stronger as individuals and as a couple.

I was introduced to GKTW more than five years ago when my parents retired to Florida and began volunteering at the Village. They raved about what an amazing place GKTW was and I made sure to stop by and see for myself during my next visit. I could never have imagined how much of an impact this place would have on my life. In the past, I volunteered regularly at a children’s hospital in Chicago and knew how rewarding it was to simply help a child smile or laugh during a time and in an environment where smiles and laughter weren’t the norm.

Smiles and laughter are truly the best testament to how amazing GKTW is. It has been an absolute blessing to see firsthand the simple happiness these children and families experience at the Village when their everyday lives are normally filled with stress and heartache.

I am very fortunate to have played a small role in the miracles that GKTW performs and to have shared this with Kristen over the years. We’ve had the opportunity to volunteer together a few times as our schedules have permitted. The lessons in love, humility and hope that we have learned at GKTW have helped build an amazing foundation for our relationship. Kristen and I have been together for six years and one of our favorite memories together is the two hours we spent running the cookie decorating table during a Halloween night at GKTW. We often reminisce about how this seemingly small event has become the perfect illustration of what our relationship is and what the future of our relationship will be.


When it came time to pick a nonprofit to donate our wedding favor money to, GKTW was an easy choice.  We feel that donating to a nonprofit with such a wonderful purpose and one that is run so well definitely starts our marriage out on the right foot.  Our donation is just a small thank you to GKTW for all that they have provided to us in our life together.

To learn more about our sharing the magic of Give Kids The World with your wedding guests, click here.

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