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by gktwadmin on October 8, 2012

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Sometimes you’re reminded of a loved one in the most unexpected ways.

This was certainly true for Joyce Saeger, Danielle Saeger and Deashia Swan during their stay at Give Kids The World Village.

Deashia’s mother, Diana Saeger who visited GKTW years ago with Joyce, passed away four years ago when Deashia was only two and a half years old. Since Diana’s passing, every time that the family sees a lady bug they take it as a sign that Diana is with them in spirit.

Deashia has the same illness that her mother had, which brought Deashia, Danielle and their grandmother Joyce to Give Kids The World Village earlier this year.

Little did they know that a little bit of Village magic was awaiting them.

After visiting with Hermes at the magic tree inside the Castle of Miracles, Deashia was delighted to find a great surprise from the magic tree. In her grandmother’s words, “she turned around with the biggest smile on her face and said, ‘Look Grandma the pillow has lady bugs on it!’”

The family had not told anyone at the Village about their special connection to lady bugs beforehand . This appeared to truly be a work of Give Kids The World magic. Joyce and her granddaughters were incredibly moved. But they weren’t the only ones extremely touched by this moment.

While sharing the story with a volunteer Angel named Jenny outside the Castle of Miracles, Joyce began to fill up with tears and realized that Jenny started to cry, too.

Joyce says, “We hugged, then cried, then hugged again. That moment in time will be forever in our hearts!” 

Joyce was quick to tell Jenny and the other two Angels with her that the volunteers could have no idea what a wonderful thing they were doing for the children who visit the Village. And that the gifts of memories that the Angels were giving to the children were so very special to them.

Joyce recounts, “My granddaughter’s memories of the volunteers’ kindness and joy will last her a lifetime!”

Give Kids The World truly has a powerful way of bringing Angels and family members together and reminding them that they are never alone.

That’s just the magic of the Village.

All in a Day’s Fun at the Village: Daeshia shows her Village Idol contestant badge, airbrushed tattoo, face paint design and, of course, her special lady bug wish pillow.


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