Ice Cream For Breakfast: The Benefits of Awareness

I scream, you scream – we all scream for ice cream! At Give Kids The World, wish families love to visit one of the most popular Village venues, a place that scoops up and serves delicious treats all day long. At the Ice Cream Palace, kids are even allowed to eat ice cream for breakfast. Only here can a child experience such a sweet delight, to start out their fun-filled days. This family-favorite activity is quintessential to the magical GKTW experience, another fun memory for wish children to take away with them.

Wonderful moments of happiness at the Ice Cream Palace inspired Ice Cream For Breakfast, a grass-roots awareness and fundraising campaign. The campaign was inspired by a Village wish family who celebrates the anniversary of their trip by eating ice cream for breakfast once a year, just as they did in the Ice Cream Palace at GKTW. The fundraiser allows people to throw their own Ice Cream For Breakfast event, anywhere in the country- this opportunity allows Village supporters to give back to GKTW even if they live far away.


People all over the world with personal connections to the Village, find joy and fulfillment in giving back to GKTW by participating in Ice Cream For Breakfast. Wish mom Kelli Jarman, saw this as an amazing outlet to contribute to the cause.

As a faculty member in the Humanities Division at Texarkana College, she used her Composition I class as a platform to help fundraise. “I suggested this fundraiser as a possibility because several members of my family and I have had personal experiences with Give Kids The World,” says Kelli, who visited the Village with her wish child, Corbin. Kelli saw Ice Cream For Breakfast as the perfect class project for her students to learn organizational strategies and team building skills, while contributing to a wonderful cause.


Kelli enlisted the help of her smart and creative students at Texarkana College, who were more than willing to serve ice cream and gain hands-on experience helping others. Her initiative to create awareness for the Village with Ice Cream For Breakfast, and allowing her students to feel good about themselves was a positive experience.  Chasinigue Kelly, a student who was thrilled to get involved in the initiative was touched by GKTW’s commitment to wish children and their families. “I believe it gives hope and faith to the families that are devastated by the illness their loved ones are facing.”

A big thank you to wish mom, Kelli Jarman, in her efforts to support Ice Cream For Breakfast. Like all of our wonderful supporters, you too are helping create GKTW awareness. Your personal connection to the Village and amazing story plants seeds in those around you, seeds that inspire others to give service and stand behind a charitable cause.


To throw your own Ice Cream For Breakfast party and receive a complimentary fundraising tool kit, visit

 Contributed by Leilani Vaiaoga

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