July’s Special Memories

by gktwadmin on August 12, 2013

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Below is a collection of magical moments and special memories relayed to us in July’s wish family surveys.


“The Castle of Miracles where Finley has her star was so unbelievably moving for us! Our other 4 children were so glad to be included when it came to the pillow tree.”

“I loved the breakfast cart. It was such a fun experience for my kids to have someone bring them breakfast.”

“What we loved most about Give Kids The World is the kindness and hospitality of all the staff and volunteers, and of course the Ice Cream Palace.”

“We really appreciated the photo cd as we left. We made memories to last a lifetime, and can’t thank you enough for that. Like all families there, we’ve been through a very difficult time and these memories are so precious.”

“A relaxing, zero stress, and very comfortable place to stay for a week.”


“As a parent one of the most awesome things is the IAAPA World Passport we received upon check out. It means a lot because it is going to enable us to take the children on multiple day trips throughout the next year and to make the most of our family time together.”

“The thing I enjoyed most was the atmosphere. The staff and the volunteers made the whole experience. It just makes you feel like you are important and all you have gone through was not and is not in vain. It simply feels for me like a dream. I could have never imagined anything like this experience.”

“The food was really good. The special diet choices were clearly labeled and it was easy to special order when necessary.”


“The stars make it extra special. Knowing that my angel is now part of something so special brings me so much happiness.”


“We are so thankful that we were able to check out a video camera. We have already watched our videos and it makes me so happy that we can continue to relive some of the amazing experiences that we had.”

“My daughter Grace holds a very special place in her heart for Ms. Merry. It was so touching. It brought me to tears and I’ll never forget Grace’s tenderness toward Ms. Merry when we met her.”

“I just loved being together as a family for a time of healing and bonding.”

“My six year old told me that at GKTW they really do give kids the world.”

“We loved the Pirates & Princesses party! Our daughter was so excited that one of her dreams came true. She wished upon a star to become a princess!”

“Great pizza! It was great for late night meals after a long day at the parks!”


“Biggest birthday party we’ve ever attended. Our daughter enjoyed it so much, she insisted on leaving her wheelchair and using her crutches to dance. Thanks for giving us all the motivation and hope.”

“Awesome is an understatement of how wonderful everything was. It was heavenly.”

“What a joyous time we had at Village Idol. This theater is great for family events and is readily accessible.”

“Having the characters come in and see the kids at a much smaller scale was great. Much more intimate than at the park.”

“Thank you for having a wheelchair accessible carousel.”


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