June’s Special Memories

by gktwadmin on July 8, 2013

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These special memories were captured from our precious wish families following their stays at Give Kids The World Village this June.


“We were able to meet Paige’s bone marrow donor for the first time in person at GKTW. A wonderful memory we will have forever.”

“We love the fact that Gracie has her own star that will shine forever at GKTW.”

“We have not thought of illness for the first time in 4 years. Luca has definitely had his wish and we have enjoyed it with him.”


“We celebrated Isaiah’s 12th birthday here and he said it was the best birthday ever.”

“The food was great, the villa was beautiful and the staff was so caring.”

“My son had a blast and the rest of the family enjoyed seeing him smile and be the happiest he has been in a long time.”


“I was impressed with the Gallery of Hope and its history.”

“GKTW offered a spectacular range of activities. There was so much to entertain and delight both parents and children.”

“The most special part for us was feeling like this was our home. The friendliness of everyone here made us feel like we are all neighbors and friends.”

“What child doesn’t like Ice Cream For Breakfast!”

“Arianna loved having the Mayor and Ms. Merry tuck her in on her birthday.”

“The attention that Alex received all week long made him smile the whole time. The joy that it brought to our hearts to watch him have fun was unspeakable!”


“The whole mood of the family changed. We were able to focus on fun and laughs and not worry about the other stuff.”

“I liked how the staff and volunteers were always there taking pictures at the special events so the whole family could be in the picture.”

“The week our family spent with no doctor visits no hospitals and most of all not worrying about my child’s future. How I wish life was like this every day! My children wanted to bring all the staff and volunteers home with us.”

“A volunteer told us that having a disabled child is hard, nobody understands and Carter is special. But he said that us as parents are special and nobody tells you that. My eyes welled up with tears and I realized the best of Carter’s abilities as opposed to his disabilities.”


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