Mad Scientist Spills Secrets

by gktwadmin on October 25, 2012

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“I have to go whee.”


“I have to go whee!”

“So go ‘wee!’”

“Wheeee!” shouts Igor as he turns in circles with arms wide open.

Igor the Mad Scientist is one of the craziest kooks in all the Village. With his wild, untamed hair and stumbling steps, it’s impossible not to notice him, especially when his excitement for science is misunderstood as a desperate need to visit the bathroom.

It’s easy to see why they call him mad!

Igor and his assistants present the Mad Science show in Julie’s Safari Theater every Monday during Mayor Clayton’s Hare Raising Halloween celebration. The group gathers in their laboratory and performs all types of experiments with the help of wish children and their siblings.

Don’t let him fool you though. The craziest thing that this mad scientist can do is to trick you into thinking this is just a funny show.

Want to know the secret?

The Igor’s magic show is actually educational.

Sure, you’re having fun watching colorful foam fizzle out over the top of beakers and soda explode 120 feet into the air. But to think that people are actually learning in this process — well that’s just madness, pure madness I tell you! 

Despite this shocking discovery, Mad Science proves to be one of the Village’s most entertaining shows!

And now you can continue this Village-style fun in your very own home. All of the experiments performed are made with household ingredients. That means you can be a scientist too! You can even channel your inner Igor, you know, just for fun. Who knows, you may even get first prize at the next school science fair. How’s that for madness?

With a parent’s permission and supervision, you can try Igor’s experiments at home:

Inflating a balloon with vinegar and baking soda


One small empty plastic soda or water bottle

½ cup of vinegar

Small balloon

Baking soda


1)  Carefully pour the vinegar into the bottle.

2)  This is the tricky part:  Loosen up the balloon by stretching it a few times and then use the funnel to fill it a bit more than half way with baking soda.  If you don’t have a funnel you can make one using the paper and some tape.

3)  Now carefully put the neck of the balloon all the way over the neck of the bottle without letting any baking soda into the bottle.

4)  Ready? Lift the balloon up so that the baking soda falls from the balloon into the bottle and mixes with the vinegar.

Soda Explosion


Bottle or can of carbonated soda

Pack of Mentos



1)  Choose a wide open space to perform your experiment, preferably outside.

2)  Take the unopened bottle or can of carbonated soda and place it in this space. Keep small children and pets at a safe distance. Prepare your Mentos for submersion.

3)  Drop 3 to 4 Mentos into the soda. Drop the whole pack in if you’re feeling especially courageous and don’t want to eat any of the Mentos.

4)  Get out of the way. Actually, run if you don’t want to be saturated in soda.


Tips & Warnings

  • DANGER! Don’t aim the soda bottle at people’s faces. Someone could get hurt and that’s just not cool.
  • Adjust the amount of soda and/or Mentos you use for varying explosiveness.
  • Try using a range of different receptacles with different sizes openings. For example, a smaller hole through which you drop the Mentos will lead to greater pressure and thusly a more powerful soda spray.
  • A funnel or makeshift loading device of some sort may help you with the act of dropping the candy in the cola.
  • Avoid flat or older soda due to law of diminishing returns.

Additional contribution from Jenny Wells


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