Magical Moment: Hannah’s Miracle

Hearing from our alumni wish families is always a highlight to the week, but when the story includes a miracle, we are overwhelmed with joy.  This ‘Thank You’ comes from wish father, Dan, who shares the amazing story of Hannah’s miraculous recovery.


Hi friends,

I wanted to send our thanks once again for our time spent there almost two years ago. Our daughter, now nine, was given her wish trip while she was still healthy enough to enjoy it. We had a marvelous time, and count it as our most important family trip ever. Words cannot express how we feel, and we look forward to the day we can return to check out her star and paver!  


I also want to share that upon our return home to BC, Canada, Hannah suffered a most serious lapse, and within about a month were living in hospital wondering if this day would be her last. Long story short, she has made a miraculous recovery starting in the mid-summer of 2011, and is doing better today than when she was first diagnosed with what was to have been a short-lived prognosis. We believe prayer, hope, and the promise of one day returning to GKTW were all instrumental in her recovery, and for today, we thank God for His healing hand. 

We shall return, Lord willing, and appreciate the updates you send. You are near our hearts always. 



Thank you to Hannah’s family for sharing such a beautiful story. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Village!