Magical Moment: November’s Special Memories

This week’s Magical Moment is a collection of treasured moments as relayed to us on last month’s comment cards written by visiting families.

One of the white squirrels that call GKTW Village home.

Liam – “An amazing place.  To quote my children, ’Even the squirrels are nice!’”

Quincy-“Our favorite part was the pool party with all the Characters. We loved swimming in the pool.”

Augustine– “The breakfast ice cream is the best thing ever!”


Camden– “The kindness and genuine love felt at this Village let Camden and us live for a week without the focus on leukemia but the focus on joy and hope!”

Julie– “We love that families can get a camcorder to record these wonderful memories.”

Arpi– “The most special memory would be Mayor Clayton’s tuck in – the most hilarious!!!”

Tyson– “The Village has provided our family with a lifetime of memories we will cherish forever.”

Madelyn- “This was the friendliest group of people I’ve ever met. All these volunteers take time out of their schedules to come help with such a great cause.”

Cha’mya– “I was treated as a kid. I was not treated any different. I was a princess and welcomed by everybody.”

Lauren– “We loved how everyone had time for us.  No one was rude, short or impatient whether it was mealtime, party time or carousel time. Everyone was cheery and happy to be here for us.”

Peter– “We really appreciated being met at the airport. It was a very personal touch and the big hug was very much needed!”

Kate– “We can’t believe the amount of activities that are here. Absolutely brilliant.”

Zen– “It blessed my soul to be here. It gave me hope for the future.”

Andrea– “I haven’t heard Leah giggle that much in over a year!  It brought tears to my eyes.”

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