Magical Moment: Wishing At The Whimsey Well

The Castle of Miracles is home to The Enchanted Carousel, Twinkle Hope’s La-Ti-Da Royal Spa, The Dream Pillow Tree, our vast constellation of golden stars and The Whimsey Well. During Austin’s wish trip, his favorite part of the Village was The Whimsey Well that makes a variety of silly sounds. Austin made several wishes during his trip!


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  • Martine

    Austin’s smiles at the wishing well say it all! I so look forward to visiting and volunteering at GKTW.

    • Alex Harney

      We look forward to welcoming you to the Village, Martine! There are plenty of smiles at GKTW.

  • Kelsey

    Just stayed at GKTW last week! Amazing place! My daughter asked if we could stay there for 100 days. Thanks for making her feel so welcome!

    • Alex Harney

      Hi Kelsey. We are thrilled to hear that your daughter enjoyed her wish trip. We hope the magical memories of your visit bring your family joy for years to come!

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