Magical Moments: January’s Special Memories

These wonderful Magical Moments were captured from our precious wish families during their stays at the Village in January.

JanMem_Imb“The Village staff was able to give special attention to our wish child, without making his brother feel left out!”

“You don’t even need theme parks when you have the Village!”

“Emrick and his little brother took the JJ Express every day and really enjoyed the Village.”

“Part of Quincy’s wish was to watch us get remarried. The vow renewal ceremony you gave us was wonderful! The pictures you provided of the ceremony help cement this memory for us.”


“Mayor Clayton gave the parents hugs. You don’t know how touching that is, to hug a parent who usually never gets a hug.”

“Horseback riding was something both the girls have wanted to do for a long time. Thanks GKTW for making it happen!”

“My family loved how there was something to do every night. The activities could be a vacation on their own.”

“Every person here with their smiles and happy greetings made it wonderful.”

JanMem_Imb5“We witnessed a level of kindness here at the Village that we scarcely encounter around home. Everyone was so kind, friendly and helpful.”

“This experience has changed us, and our perception of how we look at life in general.”

“This place makes you completely forget about everything and just simply enjoy yourself.”

“Thank you all for making my son, Willie, feel like a king!”

“Everyone and everything here sets the tone for a happy place. My children have observed some great people doing thoughtful things with a smile.”

“Village Idol taught us something about our son – he can tell any joke on stage. The end result was winning a trophy!”

“The tuck in by Mayor Clayton was the kids’ favorite. You should have heard the giggles coming out of them.”SONY DSC

“The amount of activities available at the Village makes a vacation all by itself. Our family had a hard time leaving to go to the parks. There have been many tears of joy this week.”

“The character visits were awesome!”

“It is heartwarming and a special experience, to meet all of those amazing people that selflessly help out and do everything in their power to make our trip incredible.”

“The Village Idol show made the kids feel terrific – what a great show!”

“We could have easily spent the entire week at the Village without ever needing to leave; there was always so much to do!”