May’s Special Memories

by gktwadmin on June 5, 2013

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Below is a collection of magical memories and treasured experiences relayed to us on May’s comment cards written by our precious wish families.

“We haven’t had a vacation in 11 years.  You made it wonderful.  We felt like kids again.”


“The customer service was one in a million. Everyone was so friendly.”

“We had a better time here than we had at the main theme parks.”

“Everyone was on point, from food service to operating the train. There was an answer to every question.”

“GKTW is a blissful, magical home away from home.”


“The kids loved that they had their favorite foods in the Gingerbread House on a cart their size.”

“We were truly amazed with the warmth and friendliness of the staff and the volunteers. This was an incredible adventure for our family.”

“I really appreciated that almost everyone here treated my daughter as a typical kid.”

“The easy access of hot healthy meals is excellent. The express breakfast was a life saver for us west coast people struggling to make it to breakfast.”

“The pre-arrival videos on YouTube were wonderful!”

“You took all of our worries away for 1 week. We felt like a normal family.”


“The food was great. I love that my allergy child could have soy ice cream!”

“We wish the rest of the world was as accessible as GKTW.”

“My son said that he never felt so special anywhere else, and he wasn’t even the “wish” child.”


What was your special memory from the month of May?


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