October Special Memories

by on November 11, 2013

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Below is a collection of magical moments and special memories relayed to us in October’s wish family surveys.

“This is an amazing place. We could have spent all our time here and had an amazing trip. The kids always wanted to get back to the Village, and did not want to miss anything you were doing there.”

“It is an amazing testament to the human spirit to see the volunteers and staff working together for the children and families at GKTW. It was not easy to receive the gift of their kindness, but we recognize by receiving the blessing from them, they too were blessed in return. What a beautiful lesson for all of the children and families to learn.”

Splash Bash (101)_full

“My son (the one who had the wish) loved Amberville. He liked the model trains out of EVERYTHING! He went on and on about them! He talks but not much……well this is the first trip he talked a ton and really smiled a lot. I wish we could give back to Give Kids The World the way you all gave to our lives.”

“The staff and the volunteers worked together so hard to create an environment that was safe and private for our family while providing us with the facilities to relax, unwind, and prepare for long days at the parks. There was a perfect balance of the Village reaching out to us in providing our needs while respecting our privacy and need to reconnect as a family.”

Winter Wonderland (49)_full

“My autistic son came alive here at the Park of Dreams Pool!! He did things he hasn’t done in his 12 yrs.!! He ventured over to play in the water sprayers, he loved the zero entry. I just can’t say enough about it!!”

“It was so special to have our own greeter at the airport ready and waiting to help with luggage and logistics! Thank you for this and every other special touch GKTW does & adds to make these trips soooo amazing! It makes a huge difference!”

“I loved the variety of things to do on any given day and throughout the week. For our family this added an extra element of “magic” to the week, particularly for our girls. They loved being able to enjoy the carousel or the Castle of Miracles or getting ice cream or swimming, etc. etc. It made the day richer and more enjoyable. The environment was also VERY relaxing and made for a great escape from the busyness of the theme parks. We loved hanging out at the pool — wheelchairs for the pool were AWESOME.”

Pool Party (127)_full

“To say we got the royal treatment would be an understatement! I personally loved the villa the most. I loved how it was decorated and the layout of it was awesome. I think my husband and boys loved the pool area the most. They had a blast there!!! Being able to get pics taken with the characters was a great thing as well. And the pass/button that was given for us to use at the parks so we did not have to wait in lines was the BIGGEST blessing ever (especially with a 2 and 3 year old) the whole Village was just spectacular!!”

“We arrived quite late many nights and were so thankful Mama Merry’s was open and willing to bring this tired family some food. The pizza was delicious (so cheesy…YUM!) Service was amazing and quick. Thank you, thank you!”

“It’s difficult to choose a favorite part of the trip because we enjoyed the entire experience. As a mom, I loved that for one week, my son had no limitations. Everything was accessible to him. He could fully participate and enjoy everything the Village had to offer him. The expressions of joy on my children’s faces will forever be in my mind and heart.”

Santa (13)_full

“How they truly tried to give the kids the world. My son was treated like royalty and he loved every minute of it and I loved seeing his face light up.”

“A beautiful experience! The past few Christmases for our family have been so full of illness and hospital stays that it was more of a miracle than you think to make it “snow” for the children in Florida! That night was a magical one for us! Bringing new memories for Christmas for us that will hopefully continue for us for a real Christmas experience at our real home this year… But if not at least we know that we have these memories to have.”

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