Reach for The Moon, Land Among Our Stars

Throughout your life, you live, you learn and you create history. Every moment you live, each adventure you take and any decision you make will help create your legacy. Through your actions, you radiate what you truly value in life and what you value becomes your legacy. With so much influence on your personal legacy, why not make it be a legacy of love?

Give Kids The World has launched its newest program called the “Henri Landwirth Society” (HLS). This special and heartwarming Society has been created thanks to the catapulting effect of love that was first initiated by Henri himself in founding Give Kids The World. Through his actions, he has spread this love across the world, thus creating his own legacy of love.

The HLS invites you to join us in shaping your own legacies. By becoming a part of this enduring love, you can help create hope that will inspire the children and families that come to visit the Village.

Joining the HLS is an easy, yet rewarding occasion. By joining, you are promising a gift to Give Kids The World that will endure throughout the years. This gift can be made through a will, living trust, real estate or other donated assets to give back to GKTW. A simple provision or amendment prepared by your attorney at the time you make, or update, your plans is all that is necessary. Your generosity today ensures a happier tomorrow for children who wish for a magical, carefree retreat from life’s challenges.

By giving the gift of hope, you will permanently become a star at the Village. The Gallery of Hope now features an arrangement of dazzling, gold stars, engraved with gift-givers names. Not only do you become a star, but you receive love, and that becomes your destiny. It becomes who you are.

For more information on the Henri Landwirth Society contact Eric Gray at

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