Scoops of Joy

When Manon was four years old, she was granted a magical wish trip to Give Kids The World. After being born with a heart defect and undergoing three open-heart surgeries before the age of three, Manon and her family deserved a week of carefree relaxation and magical memories. Although Manon was young, the family knew that now was the perfect time for the wish trip. After all, wish trips are for the whole family and Manon’s siblings had experienced a great deal of stress while their parents were always away at the hospital with Manon.


Manon’s grandparents, Jeanelle and Basile, joined the family on their wish trip and were in awe of what they found at the Village. They watched as the girls donned princess dresses for the Pirates and Princess Party and were so happy to see that the siblings were having just as much fun as Manon. During dinner in the Gingerbread House, a friendly Angel volunteer stopped by their table and told Jeanelle something she would never forget. “When was the last time someone told you that you’re special? Because you’re very special for taking such great care of these special children,” said the Angel.

Manon_Imb2Since that moment, Manon’s family wanted to give back to the Village for the magic they received. With the help of other wish families in their Nova Scotia community, the family planned an Ice Cream For Breakfast Fundraiser. For the first fundraiser, families asked friends, family and coworkers for donations of ice cream, toppings, sauces and all that goes into making a wonderful ice cream treat. By their second year of fundraising, Jeanelle and the other fundraisers didn’t spend a dime thanks to the generosity of their community. Instead, each dollar raised went to the Village. In just two hours, the Ice Cream For Breakfast fundraiser had raised $1,500.


Jeanelle and Bastile planned a return trip to Give Kids The World for a day of volunteering and to present the check from their fundraising efforts. “Being there as a volunteer was so special. Helping other families like ours was like reliving the trip all over again,” said Jeanelle.

Give Kids The World was honored to be a part of Manon’s wish trip and happy to hear that the memories are still providing the family with happiness and hope. We are grateful for all the family has done to support Ice Cream For Breakfast and hope to see Jeanelle and Bastile for another volunteer adventure soon!