September’s Special Memories

by on October 7, 2013

in The Family Experience

These special memories were captured from our precious wish families following their visit to Give Kids The World Village this September.

“The pre-arrival videos really helped me prepare my family because everything happened so fast. It was awesome! I loved the parent tips! Especially the one about taking a picture of the parking space!”

“How everyone went out of their way to make every family feel special & know that they were there to take care of us. This is not something a family with a special needs child gets every day. THANK YOU!!”

“I was pleased to be able to eat ice cream with my family every night and sometimes 2x a day!”

“The wheelchair accommodation for the pool is a wonderful idea. My son was able to join us in the pool safely without any worries. The playground area was extremely fun, my son couldn’t get enough of it.”


“Gluten-free food choices! Even gluten-free pizza! Delivered with a smile! Amazing staff and food. GKTW really did think of everything our family needed during our stay.”

“We were treated first class by your staff and volunteers. My little girl, Imelda. wants to go back to live there.”

“The people we encountered never looked at us as different. We felt like one big extended family. The whole Village gave us hope.”


“So stress-free! We arrived around lunchtime after a long plane ride with 5 hungry, tired, hot, excited kids and thelast thing they probably wanted to do was sit and wait while we did all the boring check-in stuff. The front desk staff recognized that right away and gave them their little gifts and told us to get lunch and ice cream and come back when we were ready. So helpful and nice!”

“I am amazed at how incredible a place GKTW is; you think of everything.”

“Loved being able to borrow a video camera and have everything transferred to disc for us.”


“Stunning how there are so many volunteers who are attentive, caring and friendly, and go above and beyond to make these stays a memorable one.”

“I am so appreciative of the fact that you all transferred my SD card to a disc every night so that I could start fresh the next day and never miss a picture because I didn’t have room for it.”

“Tuck-in was the highlight of my daughter’s evening!!! They both actually stayed in bed after Ms. Merry left!!! It was a truly unforgettable experience!!!”


“As a family of 3 engineers, we appreciate organization, respect for customers, punctuality, order … and we look with attention to the correct use of resources and the neatness in details. We found all these characteristics in GKTW.”

“We loved the Gallery of Hope! It was amazing to see the rich history behind GKTW. The vision of its founder and the Partners in Hope that continue to make this magical place a reality for so many children and their families!”

“It was great having a channel on the TV to flip to and find out what was going on at the Village. Also, we received phone calls every night about the next day’s activities. The kids loved this because we let them listen to the messages! Christmas was our favorite night. You could feel the energy and love that went into it. What a great time. It was nice to see all the smiles on the children, and the parents as well. Amazing.”


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