Sheetz Shares a Piece of Pittsburgh

Giving can come in all shapes and sizes. This statement is especially true when it comes to Sheetz, Inc., a devoted chain of gas station/convenience stores located in Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Sheetz learned about Give Kids The World after sponsoring trips for over 30 wish families to come stay at the Village. Following this endeavor, a curious group of employees from Pennsylvania longed to experience the magic of GKTW in person. So, they voyaged down to Florida to volunteer and see all of the wonders in person.

Fueled with passion and excitement, they returned to their executive boards and shared their  inspirational stories. Their passion sparked a $30,000 donation to help support the Village. Every year since their remarkable contribution, groups of employees have traveled to GKTW to volunteer,  fundraise and provide in-kind donations. But the giving didn’t stop there.

During their visit, Sheetz noticed Amberville’s collection of NFL helmets. They also noticed a lack of support from the Pittsburgh Steelers. For avid Steelers fans, this just wouldn’t do. Not long after one of their visits, a package of a curious shape and size arrived at the Village.

This mysterious package contained an original Steelers helmet, which now stands proudly poised in our collection of NFL helmets in Amberville for all of our wish families to see.

We are honored to have such a wonderful relationship with Sheetz, and we thank them for all their hard work and support! Their gift not only added to our collection, but also shared a piece of who they are with the Village.

If you’re interested in helping our collection of NFL helmets grow, you can contact us at:

Contributed by Jenny Wells