5 Tips for Cooking with Kids

Teaching your children to participate in cooking healthy and delicious food can help them make better food choices away from home and can help build confidence. Here are 5 tips make the most out of your next cooking adventure with the little ones. 1. Shop Together – A family trip to the grocery store may[…..]

6 Ways to Make Waiting Rooms More Fun

Waiting for services like car repairs, driver’s license renewals or car washes can take up a good part of our daily lives.  And those waits can seem even longer if you are accompanied by a child. Here are six tips to help keep your little ones entertained while you wait. 1. Tiny Toys: Bringing a[…..]

5 Blissful Volunteering Tips

Love and dedication – all it takes to be an awesome volunteer Angel! Thanks to our volunteer Angels, wish families are surrounded by smiling faces and are invited to enjoy their time in the whimsical Village. Serving others as a volunteer Angel can be incredibly rewarding and life-changing. Here are some helpful tips to make[…..]