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by gktwadmin on February 20, 2013

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I once stumbled upon a great quote that illustrated so beautifully that “it does not feel like work, when you love what you do.” Every Tuesday and Thursday, I get to do what I love by interning at Give Kids The World (GKTW) in the Communications Department. This experience has been so incredibly fulfilling both personally and professionally. The picturesque property radiates wonderful energy – an undeniable spirit that can be felt throughout the entire Village. My morning stroll into work takes me on an adventurous tour of the beautiful “storybook” resort, each area so lusciously colorful, vibrant and lovely – a place where wishes are fulfilled and childhood dreams come to life.

Spa_Day- IMB

Working alongside the innovative individuals that bring the Village to life is inspiring. Everyone’s cheerful disposition and eagerness to help others provides a pleasant atmosphere. From the moment I arrived at the Village I could feel and see the good works of such an amazing establishment- people working in unison to fulfill GKTW’s commitment to celebrating family, laughter and life with children battling life-threatening illnesses and their families.

Feeling that “magical” sense of love throughout the Village is a wonderful daily occurrence, and my workdays don’t seem like work at all. As I assist with daily tasks and communication endeavors on behalf of GKTW, I see how my role helps generate awareness for the Village. The hands-on experience that interning and working with others at GKTW provides is very rewarding.

Seeing children laughing, playing and running around the Village without a care in the world makes me excited to be a part of the GKTW team. Being in the presence of generosity at the Village also provides several volunteer opportunities to choose from.

Spa_Day- IMB2

As a volunteer Angel at Twinkle Hope’s La Ti Da Spa, I had the chance to contribute to the magic. My excitement to paint nails and do make-up could barely be contained. I sat with little girls and talked about everything from make-up trends, to which Disney princesses we thought were the prettiest. I helped them pick out nail polish colors to match their outfits as I got them all dolled up for the day. I even got to try airbrush tattoos on little boys who wanted to be transformed into their favorite action heroes! My first volunteer Angel experience was so wonderful and I enjoyed every colorful minute of it. Lending a listening ear to wish children and spending quality time with them, just pampering them and making them feel beautiful, felt amazing.

So much love and thought goes into making GKTW family-friendly. It takes an incredible team of volunteers, employees and supporters to make these enchanted wishes come true. GKTW is a great work environment that inspires me to stand behind a great organization. Team GKTW makes an impact on countless lives of wish children and I get to be a part of that magic. Leaving the fantasy and dream inspired children’s getaway at the end of my work day is enough for me to truly appreciate the Village – an inspiring look into a wonderful world of joy where it truly is, all about the kids.

Contributed by Leilani Vaiaoga


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