Max, the Amazing Therapy Dog

by gktwadmin on September 19, 2012

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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! It’s almost Thursday. Do you know what that means? That means I’ll be taking my owner, Gary, to Give Kids The World Village! I’m more excited than when I get a new squeaky chew toy!

My name’s Max. I’m a Miniature Schnauzer with a great, big heart. On Thursday nights, my owner, Gary, and I come to the Village to play with the Village’s kids! Can you guess why?

Okay, I’ll tell you. I mean, not trying to wag my own tail or anything, but I’m a real, genuine, certified therapy dog. It even says so on the red badge I wear proudly on my blue collar. Being a therapy dog means I give comfort and affection to the people I meet.

And I love everyone! Especially kids at the Village.

I’m only two years old (that’s 14 in people years), and after I learned how to sit, stay and a whole bunch of other cool tricks, Gary got me certified. Gary and I worked in nursing homes for a little while, but we soon found that Give Kids The World was the place for me!

Some dogs spend their time chasing squirrels up trees or digging holes in the backyard, but not me. I’d rather be around the kids. They sometimes have the energy of squirrels, but they are a lot more fun and interesting. And sometimes they drop their ice cream!

Since I got certified in November, I’ve met 2,000 kids at the Village! Kids like me because I’m happy, friendly and relaxed, and I like to think that I help them relax, too. They also like that I’m small and have a soft coat of brown and white fur (which is great for me because I sure do love to be petted).

I understand a little bit of people language, and sometimes kids tell Gary and me that I remind them of their dog back home.

Being here is great. I love the back rubs and belly scratches, but the best part of being here is hearing the kids laughing and seeing their faces light up when we play together. I wouldn’t trade my job for all of the dog treats in the whole world!

If you’d like to pet me (and you know you want to), come volunteer at the Village and you can feel the same tail-wagging excitement that I do when I make these special kids smile.

Written by Amelia Klug



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