The Gift of Giving: A Fairy’s Tale

GiftFairy_Imb3Our incredible volunteer Angels come from all walks of life, and are always eager to share their magical presence with the children at Give Kids The World. They continually provide helping hands and caring service to wish children and their families during their adventurous stay.

One of those remarkable people is Jackie Parker, a volunteer Angel who donates her time, loyalty and love to the Village. Jackie began as a volunteer, scooping delicious ice cream at the Ice Cream Palace. She was mesmerized and inspired by the abundant courage she witnessed each magical day at the Village. Thanks to her connections at Give Kids The World, she learned about the Gift Fairy Program and jumped at the chance to be a Gift Fairy.


At the Village, Gift Fairies are an enchanted part of the magical experience that makes GKTW a fairy-tale come true. With a plethora of special gifts and overflowing love, the Gift Fairies make their daily visit to each villa and leave a present for the wish child and their siblings. Jackie has been contributing to the Gift Fairy program in many incredible ways for the past eight months.

As a Gift Fairy, Jackie uses a bit of planning and creativity to make sure each child is presented with a daily gift. Half way through the month she receives the personalization preferences of wish children, and begins recruiting help from friends and family to provide specialized gifts. Her family and friends know the incredible difference Jackie is making, and are always willing to pitch in with gift hunting.  After all the toys and games are collected, Jackie delivers the gifts and goodies to families. According to Jackie, “if these little welcome packages bring a smile to their face when they arrive, then it is all worthwhile!”


Jackie believes, “children deserve to have carefree, fun, happy lives.” The numerous challenges that each wish child and their family must overcome throughout their daily struggles has made an impact on Jackie.  As a loving stay-at-home mom, she values the amazing perspective she receives as a volunteer Angel. Her love for the Village continues to grow as she finds personal fulfillment in giving back to GKTW.

From all us at the Village, and on behalf of families that take home these incredible gifts, thank you to Jackie and her amazing group of helpers. You are truly making magic and helping to grow the happiness that inspires hope here at Give Kids The World!



For more information on how you can be a Gift Fairy, please contact Volunteer Services by calling 888-577-9406 or by emailing  If you are interested in contributing to the Gift Giving Program, please visit our online wish list for more information.