The Power of Polish

by gktwadmin on June 26, 2013

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It was not until Give Kids The World received a generous donation from Girl Scout Troop 704 that we knew what beauty could be found in a colorful bottle of nail polish. Sharon, the troop’s leader, was first introduced to the Village by her in-laws who have volunteered in the past. Inspired by GKTW’s mission, Sharon was excited to involve her troop in the happiness that inspires hope at the Village. In honor of the Girl Scout’s 100th anniversary in 2012, this group of amazing young ladies donated a $100 cookie-earned check to the Village!


After receiving this precious gift, Kaylee Rodriguez, GKTW’s Manager of Individual and Major Gifts, invited Troop 704 for a tour. It was here that they learned about some of the materials the Village uses each year, such as the gallons of nail polish used in Twinkle Hope’s La-Ti-Da Royal Spa. It is here that all of our wish princesses get the royal treatment of make-up, manicures and colorful pedicures. On the ride home, the girls talked about how they could not wait to turn 12 years old so they could volunteer at Give Kids The World.

But that was just the beginning of the special relationship between the Village and Troop 704. As the troop began their seventh year of Girl Scouts, they set their eyes on the Bronze Award which is awarded to troops who are making a difference in the world. Remembering the La-Ti-Da Royal Spa, the girls knew exactly how they wanted to help. The group started a project they called, “The Power of Polish” and began contacting nail polish companies asking for donations.


After a notable effort of planning, asking for donations from friends and family, reaching out to different companies by means of a PowerPoint presentation and video, the troop collected over 100 bottles of nail polish. The girls designed colorful gift bags and delivered their hard earned donations with a smile. Less than a month after the troop’s second visit, Sharon was contacted by OPI Products, Inc. who announced they would contribute 444 bottles of polish. The girls could not believe the wonderful news! Their efforts had resulted in over 500 bottles being donated.

Polish_Imb3Their amazing success won the troop the coveted Bronze Award, which Kaylee presented to each Girl Scout during their last visit to the Village. Congratulations to our troop friends and thank you for all of your hard work. The incredible power of polish will be painting smiles all around the Village for years to come.


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