Vacuum Angels: A Clean Sweep

by gktwadmin on April 22, 2013

in The Volunteer Experience

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week! In 2012 our angels completed more than 200,000 volunteer hours. Please join us in celebrating our Angels, this week and always.

Vac_ImbThe colorful floors of Give Kids The World’s villas and venues are always fresh and clean, thanks to the hard work of a very special group of Angels. Our wonderful Vacuum Angels offer their expertise in vacuum repairs and keep all of the Village’s cleaning machines in tip-top shape.

Our Vacuum Angels repair smaller villa vacuums, as well as the industrial-sized vacuums used in the Gingerbread House Restaurant, to make sure all of the machines are keeping the carpets dirt, dust and allergen free and help the Village stay spotless. Maintenance and upkeep on these machines can be costly, but thanks to the generosity of our Vacuum Angels the Village can avoid these costs.

“I fell in love with the Village 19 years ago,” says Earl Anderson, a volunteer Angel who shares his delight in helping fix things around the Village. His expertise in vacuum repair was his unique way of using his knowledge to give back to GKTW and “fulfill a need in the Village that was not being met at the time.”

Vac_Imb2The Vacuum Angels enjoy repairing the Village vacuums in their workshop, where they house all of their materials and tools. This talented group of repairmen rarely sees a vacuum they cannot fix. Instead, they see an opportunity to make them brand new again!  “It’s good to be able to have the knowledge and health to help out,” says Vacuum Angel, Ken Crowl.

Our Vacuum Angels are the Village’s special helpers, and value of their dedication is immeasurable. Their continued efforts to keep the Village beautiful help provide the perfect experience for each of our treasured guests.


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