Valentine’s Day Craft: Valentine Buddy

Valentine’s Day inspires love throughout the Village, and what better way to store all those lovely Valentine cards than with a Valentine Buddy! This heartwarming project is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Feb Craft_Imb


  • white/pink/red craft foam (cut into a heart shape)
  • pink/red construction paper (cut into a heart shape)
  • other color construction paper (cut into very small heart shapes)
  • foam glue or glue gun (glue gun recommended; children: use under an adult’s supervision)
  • scissors
  • markers
  • 2-3 pipe cleaners
  • heart stickers, glitter or any fun decorations



Feb Craft_Imb2

  1. Take 1st pipe cleaner and bend in half, then glue to one side of the craft foam heart at the bottom.
  1. Take 2nd pipe cleaner and glue straight across the middle of the heart, horizontally. Then let it all dry.
  1. Take construction paper heart and use very small paper hearts to decorate. For example, you can use two upside down hearts for eyelids and a variety of small hearts to create lips.
  1. Now comes the fun part – time to add character! You can use heart stickers, glitter or anything you can imagine to make this project your own. Maybe your creation will feature funny hair and eyebrows.
  1. Once the craft foam half is dry, add glue to the outside edges of the foam and lay the construction paper heart on top (face/decorated side up.) Then let it all dry.
  1. Once dry, bend the bottom pipe cleaner into feet. You can use another pipe cleaner to make toes that will help the holder to stand upright.
  1. Take the other pipe cleaner and create arms for your character. By twisting them into a spiral, your creation can now hold your Valentine card.

Feb Craft_Imb3

Enjoy your lovable creation!

From the Give Kids The World family to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day!