Vroom at The Village

by gktwadmin on March 6, 2013

in The Donor Experience

vroom_imbThis month, Give Kids The World rumbled with the sounds of roaring engines as Mayor Clayton led a parade of beautiful Camaros through the Village. The 2nd Annual Sunshine State Camaro Rally traveled to Kissimmee, where over 81 Camaro owners participated in the charity cruise to Give Kids The World Village. Clubs from all over Florida joined in the ride, as well as a few travelers from New York and Pennsylvania.

After cruising through the Village, the group participated in a car show benefiting GKTW. Through registration fees, chance-to-win raffles and additional donations, The Sunshine State Camaro Rally raised over $3,000 on behalf of the Village. Many proud owners added to the beauty of their vehicles with the addition of our bright red Village Ribbon magnets. We are so grateful that The Sunshine State Camaro Rally included GKTW in their Rally.


Next time you see a stunning Camaro adorned with a GKTW ribbon, be sure to give a big thumbs up to the driver for their help in supporting our mission to provide our families with joy, laughter, serenity and a lifetime of memories.


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