We’re jumping for joy the entire month of November!

Kangaroo Express is partnering with Give Kids The World for the third time to help raise money and support for the Village. For $1, you can go into any Kangaroo Express in the state of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, and buy a pinup in the shape of a football jersey. They will decorate the walls of the store with them and you can write your name on it!

There are almost 580 stores in these areas springing for hope in their efforts to support the Village. By donating just $1, you can help make wishes come true at the Village. In retrospect, you’re doing so much more than placing a pinup on the wall; you’re placing a smile on the faces of the families that visit the Village.

Kangaroo Express has partnered with us for the past 2 years on this fundraiser. This past March, they had raised $450,000 to donate to Give Kids The World – a marvelous accomplishment!

This just goes to show that $1 at a time can really make a difference when it’s all added up and put into the pouch!

We are so grateful and thankful for everything Kangaroo Express has done for The Village. It truly makes our hearts skip to be affiliated with them as our mission aligns with theirs: to support families. Be sure to stop by Kangaroo Express to buy a jersey pinup this month!