Whole Foods Donates 5% of All Sales to GKTW

Imagine owning a business, and then one day you take 5% of your earnings and donate them to the community. Now imagine doing this four times a year. That amount of money could be a huge sum!

Would you part with those profits?

Whole Foods Market does.

Whole Foods Market is a natural and organic foods supermarket chain. Every year, four times a year, each branch in the country selects a day to be known as their “5% Day.” On these days, Whole Foods takes 5% of the store’s revenue and reinvests it in the community by donating to a local nonprofit organization. Give Kids The World was the lucky recipient of such a generous donation this September.

On September 19, 2012, Whole Foods Orlando, on Turkey Lake Road, accumulated $4,824.60 to donate — a considerable feat in itself! However, the employees decided to join together and chip in another $175.40 of their own personal money to reach the $5,000 mark in order to sponsor a family’s wish trip to GKTW.

On the following Monday, September 24, 2012, nine employees from the Whole Foods Orlando visited the Village for the very first time and their reaction was that it was “beautiful.” They devoted some of their time away from the store to volunteer in the Gingerbread House Restaurant.

The giving didn’t just stop with monetary donations either.

Whole Foods brought by “Save the Bees” and “Sunflower” seeds to the Village to help the grounds blossom with color! Several members of the group even offered their green thumbs to help out in the Village garden and grow vegetables.

It looks like Mayor Clayton will have an extra stash of carrots to feast on soon. Thank you, Whole Foods Orlando!